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Ya-Chiang business since 1983 as a mold factory who is specialized in making and designing plastic injection molds, blow molds, die-casting molds and so on. Afterwards, Ya-Chiang Enterprise Co., was established in 2001, we’re not only customize and make the molds for all kinds of plastic products but also offer another choice for cooperating with customers to directly exporting the plastic goods which are injected and manufactured through ours molds to the destination where is required and asked by customers. Instead of exporting the heavy metal molds to customers, we could just sell the final plastic products to customers. This will help customers saving the time , labors and money on transportation , production procedure and even on quality control for the final plastic products.
Over 30 years of innovative design and manufacturing excellence, we’ve manufactured and exported the plastics spare parts for scooters, automobiles and 3C products, acrylic plates for rolling doors, plastic containers, plastic swords and weapons for martial art practice, for cosplay or Anime use , also could be movie and stage props.
During these few years ,we put focus on the plastic weapons such as plastic swords, plastic tonfa, plastic knifes, axes, training sticks ,shields and so on. Compare to the traditional metal weapons or wooden weapons, plastic ones could be a better choice for practice , for cosplay and for movies or stages as props since plastic ones are durable than wooden weapons and cause less danger than metal weapons. Moreover, the plastic materials what we use could be recycled and re-produce to adapt to a new use.

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